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Create and manage custom Win8 Computer folders and libraries.  Change name, path, and icon of even "hard-coded" system-defined libraries.

Can't stand the layout of the navigation panel in File Explorer? Wonder why Windows 8 doesn't let you change the icons for the standard libraries? Wish Libraries or OneDrive were at the top or at the bottom, as you choose? Look no further. Folderize is here to save the day!

Actually, it's really just a tiny utility that you'll use every now and then. I use it to add "shortcuts" to my current project folders and remove them when the projects are done. It's easier than navigating down a folder hierarchy. I also don't like placing shortcuts on my desktop; since Visual Studio or Photoshop are usually open, I almost never see my desktop! I typically use File Explorer to get to everything. Old school, I know.


  • Manage the folders displayed beneath the "Computer" folder in the File Explorer left-hand navigation panel.
  • Include or exclude the six commonly known user folders: Desktop, Downloads, Documents, Music, Pictures, and Videos.
  • Create new "Computer-level" custom folders to any path with any icon.
  • Include or exclude the extra User Libraries folder beneath the Computer folder.
  • Create new libraries to any path and with any icon.
  • Change icons for the standard six libraries even though Windows 8 doesn't let you!
  • Move the Libraries folder above or below the Computer folder.
  • Move the OneDrive folder above or below the Computer folder.

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